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Myrmidex Queen
Myrmidex Queen, from Savage Empire
Species: Myrmidex
Savage Empire

Confronting the Queen

The Myrmidex Queen rules over all the Myrmidex of Eodon. Her true-name is Xyxxxtl. The Queen may appear to be an oversized insect of typical intellect, but in fact, she is devilishly intelligent.

Eons ago, she led the Myrmidex to destroy their masters and become a threat of their own. Years passed and the Queen planned to use her creation, a corrupted Moonstone, to eliminate all her enemies.

In Savage Empire, the Avatar arrived in Eodon to prevent this, succeeding in killing the Myrmidex Queen inside the Myrmidex Caves, and destroying the Moonstone.

Once the Queen died, all other Myrmidex became oblivious to their surroundings due to lack of leadership.