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The Mountains of Freedom, north of Moonshade on the eastern island of Serpent Isle, are truly a dark place. A prison, riddled with devilish traps, where the mages of Moonshade send everyone they want to be rid of.

Once this prison was a mine, where the mages were able to find Stoneheart, but after the substance was made illegal, since it was used to produce Blood Spawn, the mine was converted to a huge prison riddled with so many difficult mazes and traps, that no one could ever hope to escape, making the sentence "imprisonment until escape" a cruel joke. The name became a real cynicism.

The first two to actually escape were the Avatar and Stefano. The Avatar, after thrown into this prison, had to overcome a number of obstacles, before being confronted with Lorthondo, a mage using the dungeon as a place to terrorise the people. Calling Arcadion the demon to destroy him, the Avatar was able to escape the prison.

For a solution to the problem, see here: Solution.


This mountain range lies due north of Moonshade. There is little of interest within its peaks and valleys, but many people seeking to avoid the unpleasant aspects of larger societies often head for its areas of solitude. There is talk of converting the caverns of Freedom into a prison - the irony of this conversion delights me, but I know not whether anything will come of the plan.

- from Beyond the Serpent Pillars (Ultima VII Part Two)

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