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Mountainman from Memoirs of Sir Cabirus
Also known as: Dwarf
First appearance: Ultima I, as "Dwarves"
Last appearance: Ultima Underworld I

The mountain-folk are humanoids with a shorter body height than a typical human. In past days they were known as dwarves -- something which they today see as a huge offense. They basically have the same strengths and weaknesses as any human. In their culture, mining is especially common, and therefore greed for wealth isn't uncommon.

After the cataclysm that formed modern Britannia, the mountain-folk slowly intermingled with human society and their short stature was slowly bred away over the years. By the time of the creation of the colony in the Abyss, their culture was in great danger of total assimilation. Since they weren't heard of in later times, this may be exactly what happened to their kind in the end.

The mountain-folk were first seen in Sosaria (as dwarves) during the Age of Darkness. Their last recorded appearance was in Ultima Underworld.


Mountain fold[sic] and legendary miners, the dwarves of Sosaria stand but half a human’s height, yet often outweigh slender elves. They are matchless in courage and possess and inordinate endowment of natural strength. Never accept the Sosarian dwarf’s challenge to wrestle for drinks in a tavern, unless thy supply of gold be endless and thy generosity ample.

- from The First Age of Darkness (Ultima I)

Notable Examples[]

Meeting Goldthirst

  • Goldthirst is the leader of the mountain-folk in the failed Abyss-colony in Ultima Underworld. The Avatar can get an important item and a password in exchange for a favor. Later, the Avatar can bribe Goldthirst with a huge gold nugget to get a really good weapon.
  • Shak is a blacksmith of unsurpassed skill in the Abyss-colony, who can even repair the broken Caliburn sword.

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