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The Friendly Knave tavern in Moonglow

Moonglow is the city dedicated to the virtue of Honesty, and therefore the meeting point for many of the Mages of Britannia.

Situated on the southern part of Verity Isle, Moonglow has also grown into the north of the island. The biggest sight of Moonglow is of course the nearby Lycaeum, the fortress of Truth, which had almost become a part of the city by now. Another sight is the huge Orrery, which shows the Britannian Solar System and the current positions of its planets and moons relative to the sun.

Despite its island location, Moonglow is a lively city, with many travelers making station in it. It is, after Britain, maybe the second most important city in all of Britannia.

The city's economy is varied and rich, presenting an adventurer with everything needed. Beside the obvious magic shops, a clothier is found in the city, as well as a healer, trainers for fighting and magic and several farms. The city's local tavern is the Friendly Knave.

A Moongate near the south of the city ensures fast transportation.

History of the City[]

Moonglow was once the city of Moon, before the corrupt mages were chased out of town, and the city renamed. After the establishment of the virtues, Moonglow became the city of Honesty. In Ultima IV, Moonglow was the same size as all of the other cities. Moonglow also hadn't changed much in Ultima V, still surrounded by walls. Like all of the cities, Moonglow was haunted by the Shadowlords until their destruction.

After the time of the tyranny, Moonglow grew fast, razing the city walls in the process. By the time of Ultima VI, the city had already grown up to the Lycaeum, at the price of bad roads. By Ultima VII, 200 years later, the city had expanded further, essentially making the Lycaeum part of the city (as said by Mariah), and adding the great Orrery. It was also one of the places least corrupted by the Fellowship.

Moonglow was still in the same place in Ultima IX, but it was smaller and filled with magical nick-nacks. The architecture had also undergone radical changes.


On the southern end of Verity is situated the fabled town of Moonglow. The Magi of Moonglow are constantly improving their skills, being tireless in the pursuit of greater knowledge of the mystic arts. Within Moonglow, however, can be obtained the finest in mystical reagents. These herbs will help those with magical skills prepare and cast their spells.

- from The History of Britannia (Ultima IV)

Honest and the quest for truth is foremost to the mages of Moonglow; in fact, they abide no dishonesty and have no room for those who do. This towne, tucked on a southern tip of Verity Isle, has good food, reasonable priced herbs, and a fine observatory. There are rumors that thou mayst see thy future here.

- from Book of Lore (Ultima V)

On the southern tip of Verity Isle, the town of Moonglow welcomes those of faithful heart and noble intentions. Mages and scholars frequent this seagoing port because of its proximity to the libraries of the Lycaeum and because its accommodations and services are among the most reasonably priced in the land.

- from Compendium (Ultima VI)

Moonglow is the City of Honesty and sits upon the southern tip of Verity Isle. It is where the Lycaeum, the great storehouse of knowledge and wisdom, is located. Nearby, the traveller will also find the Observatory, which contains an orrery. An active branch of The Fellowship also operates in Moonglow.

- from The Book of Fellowship (Ultima VII)

Moonglow regrets the temporary loss of one of its famous twin scholars - Nelson is in Britain for a year, to study the extensive archives of Castle British. However Moonglow, home of both the Lycaeum and Brion's Observatory, continues to be a center of scholarly activity. I would encourage aspiring scholars and sorcerers alike to study there.

- from A Safe Passage Through Britannia (Ultima Underworld II)

A spiritual place, Moonglow inspires those who seek honesty in the world for themselves. Home to the renowned Lycaeum, a bastion for scholars of the principle of truth, Moonglow upholds Honesty as its paramount Virtue. In former times, travelers could find about the town many magical wonders, from potions to scrolls to magical relics. A deep and flowing river of ether gathered to Moonglow and its townspeople. Yet, this river has been polluted by unknown forces, and a howling void has divided the people. They whose spirits retain Virtuous mana crave a feeding of pure ether, yet there is none. Without the ether of Virtue, the magical arts of Moonglow have suffered for it. In the desperate search to fill this loss, some have turned away from the Virtues to crueler masters. Many have fled in search of a pure source of ether to renew their magic. In Moonglow, few are worth of trust. They who remain practice the humbler trades of potion making and linear magic. Though the pool of knowledge drains from Moonglow, it is still the first place to visit in search of magical items.

- from Journal (Ultima IX)


Ultima IV[]

Map of Moonglow in Ultima IV

Ultima V[]

Moonglow level 1

Moonglow level 2

Ultima V: Lazarus[]
  • Johan: paper miller (Lazarus NPC)
  • Landar: clothier of The Mage's Robes (Lazarus NPC)
  • Shalira: mage trainer (Lazarus NPC)
  • Siona: woodcutter (Lazarus NPC)
  • Terrisa: guard captain (Lazarus NPC)

Ultima VI[]

Map of Moonglow in Ultima VI

Ultima VII[]

Map of Moonglow in Ultima VII

Ultima IX[]

Map of Moonglow in Ultima IX


Ultima IV[]

Ultima V[]

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