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Moon, Ultima III

Moon, located in western Sosaria, was once the city known today as Moonglow. Moon already existed at the time of Ultima I and Ultima III.

During Ultima III, Moon's inhabitants helped the Stranger with several clues about different topics. One of them mentioned that he had been beyond the whirlpool, and another adviced to seek the Shrines of Truth. They also mentioned that Dawn rose in the Dark Forest, and that guards could be "bribed" in order to make them leave.

During Ultima III, Moon had three stores: a healer (Le Holy Healing), a grocery (Capessii Cantom), and a tavern, The Blue Boar, which would later reappear in the Britannys in Ultima V.

In old Sosaria Moon already was a city full of mages; however, they were of the corrupt and dishonest sort. By the time of Ultima III, Erstam also lived in the city, conducting his experiments for immortality. When Beast British chased the corrupt mages out of town prior to Ultima IV, Erstam and the others decided to go to Serpent Isle, where no one could control them.

Moon was renamed Moonglow and the city thereafter became what we know today, the city of Honesty. The corrupt mages who fled to Serpent Isle eventually founded Moonshade.


Offering a haven to all who fight for right, the citizens of Moon are honored by thy presence. A Holy place of healing resideth here to cure thee of thy wounds. The food and draught is also grand, the best within a week's ride. Take pleasure in the good townfolk, but 'ware ye of the daemons. If clues ye seek, then searcheth well. Thy reward will be in the revelations of truth, for there are those here who have been to lands that lie beyond, and will share with thee a word of wisdom. If thine ears are open and minds sharp, though mayst also learn some useful clue to aid thee in passing guards.
Dawn, 'tis said, does come and go; but where, though must discover for thyself. There is a wizard who doth know, but hidden well is he. Remember, though, time spent in search of truth is time spent well, indeed. -Lady Margaret

- from Secrets of Sosaria (Ultima III)