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Monitor Fighter Park

Located on the southern Serpent Isle, directly west of Furnace lies Monitor, the self-proclaimed city of Courage, surrounded by its walls and heavily guarded by its warriors.

The city of Monitor has quite some interesting places to offer. The Crematorium, the only one known, the List Field, where all the warriors train most of the day to hone their abilities. And the Banquet Hall, where all ceremonies and feasts are held. However, it always has to be remembered that Monitor prides itself very much on knighthood. Non-knights are seen as people second class. And those who fail, are cast out of the city. Also Monitor is divided between its three clans, Wolfs, Bears and Leopards.

Economically, the traveller can find a provisioner, a furrier, weapons shop, a healer, a tavern, an inn and many trainers. The currency of Monitor is the precious Monetari.


The city was named in memory of the twin cities of Montor from where most of the emigrants to this part of the Serpent Isle came from. The city prided itself as being the city of Courage, but even the warriors themselves argued of the exact definition, causing the populace to fall into three clans. And while on the outside the city looked all right, on the inside the people were deeply divided. Also the meaning of Courage became corrupted and in the end became a total perversion of what it originally represented, with the knights of Monitor looking down on everyone else, forcing everyone in the city to take the test, or get banished.

The last days of Monitor were eventful. The Avatar had discovered a conspiracy of two high-ups, who worked together with the Goblins to gain power in the city. In the end the traitors were arrested. But the new rule was only short, when the Wantonness Bane came to Monitor. He opened the city to hordes of invading Goblins, and these killed next to all inhabitants while destroying the city. This was the end of Monitor.


Coat of Arms of Monitor

Though still a warrior-based society, Monitor bears little resemblance to the Two Montors, its source cities. The town is quickly dividing into three clans: the Bear, Wolf and Leopard. Apparently all three seem to have retained their admiration of the principle of Courage, but their competition has reduced such a lofty aspiration to an object of trivial contention. Not even on the definition of Courage can they agree. There are plans to devise tests of mettle, though I expect there will be no cooperation to speed progress along. The coin used by the residents of Monitor is the Monetari.
Later note: The test was constructed. Despite my prediction to the contrary, all three factions worked in harmony to design this challenge. In more than two hundred years, the tenuous ties among the three have weakened remarkably little. However, the lines of division are still present. Members of each clan color their faces with tattoos symbolizing their totem animal.

- from Beyond the Serpent Pillars (Ultima VII Part Two)


Map of Monitor


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