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Mongbat, from Memoirs of Sir Cabirus
First appearance: Ultima V
Last appearance: Serpent Isle

A cross between a monkey and a bat. Mongbats are strong and vicious, attacking their victims with strength and without fear. A large number of these winged anomalies, which had developed in the Underworld, can threaten an experienced group of adventurers.

Mongbats usually dwell only in dungeons, but they are also seen in the wilderness on occasion.

First seen in Ultima V, they stayed the same in all their appearances, although in both Underworlds, Mongbats were stronger to give the player more of a challenge.


Resembling a monkey as much as a bat, these winged anomalies are swift and powerful in their attacks. Though seldom encountered except in the deepest dungeons, encountering one in the dim subterranean light can unnerve even the stoutest among you.

- from Compendium (Ultima VI)

The Mongbats rank even worse than Imps as the most pestiferous elements in our underground abode. Resembling a cross between bat and monkey, these brown avians have no honor, but instead conduct battle by swooping down to score a hit, then flying off to circle out of range of one's weapons. Even worse, the beasts are so swift and nimble that they are difficult to hit even in close combat. These evil pests are most accurate in their diving attacks, though fortunately they are too small to cause great damage with any single blow. We would exterminate these vermin if we could.

- from Memoirs of Sir Cabirus (Ultima Underworld)


This bizarre and frightening creature is a cross between a bat and a monkey. Its attacks are fast and powerful, but it usually only inhabits the deepest dungeons.

- from The Book of Fellowship (Ultima VII)

These airborne primates are fast and tough, with a vicious disposition. This hybrid species thrives both below ground and above, where they dwell in rocky and mountainous areas. Apparently the concept of a fair fight is foreign to them, and they prefer to bombard their enemy from above, or swoop in and score a hit, then fly off before their opponent can retaliate. Mongbats are singlehandedly responsible for the fact that the best archers in Britannia dwell near the Serpent's Spine mountains.

- from A Safe Passage Through Britannia (Ultima Underworld II)

In appearance, a cross between a small boy and a bat, this nimble creature is capable of quick, aerial strikes. Fortunately, a mongbat's small size renders its attack little more than a painful nuisance.

- from Beyond the Serpent Pillars (Ultima VII Part Two)