Miranda, from Ultima Underworld II
Species: Human
Ultima Underworld II
Location: Castle Britannia

Miranda is a member of the Great Council, and one of only three woman in the high politics of Britannia. She is married to the director of the Royal Theatre, Raymundo and together they have one son named Max.

The Avatar met her for the first time in Ultima VII in Castle Britannia, while she was busy with preparing a law that would prohibit the dumping of waste into Lock Lake, which had become quite polluted. The Avatar helped her with the matter by bringing the bill to Lord Heather, who signed it. Her work was therefore successful and she was thankful for the help. She also told the Avatar her views about how more women should go into politics.

One year later she attended a party in Lord British's castle and was among the group trapped by the Guardian, as seen in Ultima Underworld II. She showed a very serious side of her personality by organizing all the practical work for Lord British. The Avatar reported all the news to her and she told him which power lines were cut and what had happened during his absence in the castle.

In the end she, along with the others, was freed from the Guardian's trap.

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