Minions of the Lurker
Minions of the Lurker
Only appearance: Ultima VIII

These large green creatures of the deep, the hideous transformation of Pagans lost at sea, perform the bidding of Hydros. These Minions of the Lurker wait patiently to gather new servants to suit Hydros's whims.

Minions can only be found in watery areas on Pagan.


The Tempests tell us that those whose bodies fall dead in the water, whether by drowning or other means, tragically face service not with Lithos, but with Hydros, the Lurker. Little is known about the vile minions, for they do not walk upon the land and no one has dared to enter the Lurker's domain to view them up close. The few glimpses that have been seen reveal a large, fish-like head filled with a row of sharp teeth. It is assumed that the transformation into this disgusting beast takes some time, though how much is unknown.

There is no record of anyone surviving a direct encounter in the water with a minion, though some of the fishing folk have managed to avoid the creatures by remaining in their boats. It is unknown whether minion victims are consumed or dragged deep below the waves to become minions themselves.

- from The Chronicle of Pagan (Ultima VIII)

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