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Minax in Ultima VI

Minax is the main villain of Ultima II, and the apprentice and lover of Mondain. Together with Mondain and Exodus, they were known as the Triad of Evil, the three main villains of the Age of Darkness.


Minax learned the dark arts from Mondain. As Mondain unleashed havoc on the land, Minax watched him and was amazed at his power. She fell in love with him and together they created Exodus.

When the Stranger killed Mondain, Minax was still quite young and inexperienced. There was a period of a several years that was used by Minax to study powerful magic, so she could one day destroy all of Sosaria and its inhabitants.

She made her move in Ultima II. Having moved her fortress, castle Shadowguard, to the Time of Legends, she tampered with the timeline in order to destroy the world of the Stranger. She succeeded in totally altering the timeline, and Earth was destroyed in 2111 A.D. in a nuclear holocaust. At the same time, her monster hordes attacked Sosaria.

However, she had no idea that the Stranger had escaped the changes in the timeline. Traveling back to the Time of Legends, the Stranger killed Minax with the Quicksword Enilno, ending her tampering with time. After her death, all the damage done to the timeline vanished as if it had never happened.

Embodiment of Passion[]

But even death wasn't her end. The gargoyles invoked her spirit and embodied it in their Shrine of Passion.

It was there that the Avatar found her in Ultima VI. She explained that passion had been the essence of her soul, but that passion knew no bounds. She wanted everything, and because of that strove to conquer all. She said that passion must be directed and focused. Unbridled passion, desire for all things, leads only to chaos. She saw that the gargoyle society was based on the passionate leading those who lacked motivation, which contributed to their will to struggle against their harsh world.


Minax is defeated

Through darkness and despair
The land was bare
Looking for Thee, Mondain
Alas, but in vain
My soul and mine heart
Pierced by Cupid's dart
Will never heal
Without Mondain's will
Love is a desolate land
Unless Thou, Mondain
Takest me by the hand
To thy youth fountain
-- Minax

- from Minax's Poem (Ultima VII Part Two) (Minax.gen.tr)


  • Despite Minax primarily attacking Earth, she is seen as the villain of the Sosarian Second Age of Darkness.