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Map of Mars (Martian Dreams)

Mars is the fourth planet of the Terran Solar System.

Ultima II[]

Mars, circa 2112 A.D.

In Ultima II, Mars can be visited with the rocket ship in the time of the Aftermath. In this time, there isn't much on the planet, apart from "Towne Mary."

Mars is on the space chart of the documentation, and its coordinates are 6,2,3.

Worlds of Ultima: Martian Dreams[]

The planet of Mars

Mars plays an important role in the past seen in Martian Dreams, where the entire game takes place. The connection, if any, between Martian Dreams and Ultima II however, isn't made clear. It turns out that Mars had an extensive civilization based on plants. Mars has cities and canals in Martian Dreams, although the civilization is in ruins. The beasts running around at that time are found here: Martian Creatures.

What in fact happened was that, after massive soil poisoning, the original Martians had gone into dreamspace to preserve themselves. Eventually, robotic bodies could be created for the Martians, since their plantamal bodies won't grow. After a showdown with the evil Raxachk, who caused the soil pollution in the first place, they leave Mars, dust storms destroying all signs of civilization.

The surface of Mars

Mars is divided into four city-states (Inhabitants in the articles):

There are also these areas of interest:

As for something strange:



  • In reality, although Mars has a thin atmosphere and a solid surface, no traces of advanced life have yet been found.

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