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This article is about a character from Ultima VI. For the reagent, see Mandrake Root.

Mandrake, from Ultima VI
Species: Human
Ultima VI

Mandrake is a bard in Ultima VI.

The Avatar found Mandrake throughout Britannia. He was known to sing at 'The Fallen Virgin,' 'The Sword and Keg,' 'The Blue Bottle,' and 'The Cat's Lair'. A jolly adventurous bard, he has travelled widely through Britannia, and has visited many of the dungeons. Always a lover of a good ale, he drank many Britannians under the table, although he admitted Derydlus often came out victorious in their drinking contests. Mandrake recommended that the Avatar visit Penumbra, and have his fortune told. He also highly praised 'The Cat's Lair' and its proprietor, Dr. Cat. Always an accomplished bard, Mandrake entertained The Avatar with tales of daring, bravery, and adventure.

Mandrake's recent adventures had been fraught with danger due to his capture by Gargoyles. He was taken to the other side of the world, but had the good fortune to be saved by the young Gargoyle Beh Lem. Mandrake was even credited for writing the Ultima VI Cluebook, which contained stories about his adventures through Britannia.

Mandrake knew of Lord British's eight virtues, but he believed them to be too stuffy, inventing his own virtues. Instead of Truth, Love, and Courage, Mandrake preferred wine, women and song. He told the Avatar those three principles would combine into the virtues of drunkenness, sensuality, harmony, lust, laziness, dance, indulgence, and happiness.