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Malchir, from Ultima VIII
Species: Human
Ultima VIII
Location: Daemon's Crag

Malchir is the master sorcerer within Daemon's Crag on Pagan in Ultima VIII. He is very powerful and mysterious.

Malchir was already old when Gorgrond was still a child, suggesting a greatly extended lifespan. Malchir was very mistrustful of everyone. Even when Bentic asked for material for The Chronicle of Pagan, he hesitated long before providing answers.

The Avatar first met Malchir after helping Vardion or Bane with destroying the other. Malchir scolded the sorcerer in question, but accepted the Avatar as a new student. He later tested the Avatar personally in the Obsidian Fortress, pleased with the results, wanting the hero at the following ritual to summon Pyros.

Malchir summoned Pyros with the assistance of Vardion or Bane, Beren, Gorgrond, and The Avatar to acquire knowledge of the blocked out sun, which created the eternal twilight. Malchir was the keeper of the Tongue of Flames, a blackrock fragment of the destroyed temple which imprisoned a part of Pyros, enabling him to control the Titan. The Avatar later tried to ask Malchir about it, but he was offended by the Avatar entering his home, and attacked.

In the following battle, Malchir perished.

In Ultima IX, the restless spirit of Malchir is summoned by Shamino in the Spirit Realm in order to learn the ritual in summoning Pyros from the elemental planes that would allow the Avatar to enter the Abyss. Believing that he can not find rest because the Avatar threw him in the flames of Pyros and as he has ruined his world, he refuses to help him until Shamino makes him understand that he is restless not because of Pyros' flames, but because of his hatred for the Avatar. Upon understanding this, he agrees to explain the ritual to the Avatar and his spirit vanishes.


Few know much about Malchir, the Master Sorcerer, and those who know anything at all are his fellow followers of fire. It is said he is a dark man, but no one knows whether his bitterness led him to, or is a result of, his status. There are those who speculate he bears a greater resemblance to the daemons he commands than to normal men.

- from The Chronicle of Pagan (Ultima VIII)


  • The presence of Malchir's spirit in Ultima IX is regarded as an inconsistency by many fans, especially since the events of his death are described in a way that contradicts the events of Ultima VIII.
  • Malchir asks Pyros about the Sun of Pagan, but he denies any knowledge about that topic (logical if one knows his role in hiding it in the first place).