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Main Gauche

The main gauche is an advancement of the common dagger and appears in Ultima V, Ultima VI and Ultima VII.


Used primarily by those dextrous enough to use two weapons at once, it increases the wielder's defensive capability by allowing the user to parry incoming melee attacks. Many prefer shields, but for the nimble combatant, the main gauche is highly recommended.


  • In Ultima V the main gauche does 8 points of damage.
  • In Ultima VI the main gauche does 8 points of damage.
  • In Ultima VII the main gauche has a "2" effectiveness rating.[1]


Main gauches first appeared at the same time when dual-wielding was first introduced into the Ultima combat system. Thus, combatants could choose between wielding a single weapon, a weapon and shield, or two weapons. The weapon has remained since.


Daggers offer two choices. The common dagger is useful when its ability to be concealed is a benefit; and it can be thrown in open combat. The main gauche is more formidable, especially when used as a second weapon.

- from The Book of Lore (Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny)

Similar to a dagger, the main gauche also sports defensive hand protectors that can be used to parry on opponent's attack. Unlike a dagger, a main gauche cannot be thrown.

- from Compendium (Ultima VI: The False Prophet)


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