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A Magican's Wand

Even magic users have no desire to constantly use their magic abilities in battle; thus, they have created the Magician's Wand. The Wand is loaded with the Flame Strike spell, which will hurt every foe that dares to come near. Useful as it is, it also has unlimited charges and is therefore much more useful than Lightning Wands and Fire Wands.


These wands were already known in the time of the Quest of the Avatar, and simply called "Magic Wands." They were expensive and seldom found. This hasn't changed at all up to the time of the Black Gate.


While only slightly more lethal than the typical bow, this wand is rendered quite effective due to two interesting facets: Its damage is of a most magical nature and more than quite powerful against monsters likely to hassle a mage, and, it NEVER runs out of charges. If thou art interested in power and duration, this is the wand for thee.

- from Alagner's Book of Marvelous and Astonishing Things (Ultima VII)


  • When it first appeared in Ultima IV (before the Flame Strike spell existed), the wand actually fired blue bolts.
  • In Ultima VII, the sprite of the wand looked much like a normal, wooden walking stick, making players often miss this powerful weapon, because of its inconspicuous appearance.