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A Magic Sword

Aversions against magic in general count little for most fighters when they are presented with the opportunity to own a weapon strengthened through enchantment, making it much more deadly. All reservations against magic are typically forgotten once they have used a weapon such as a magic sword. Much stronger than mundane swords, the glowing blue blade of this weapon is deadly, and yet extremely lightweight at the same time. For all these reasons, magic swords are very popular with warriors of all kinds, and are quite common to find.

Magic swords are quite commonly encountered throughout Ultima VII. One can be found in the dungeon Shame at 5S 24W; another one lies in the armoury of Serpent's Hold at 157S 53E; a third was stolen by Pirates, who make their camp at 77N 196E.

According to Vetron's Guide to Weapons and Armour, the magic sword has an effectiveness rating of 7, and is listed as "very accurate."