A mage casts Magic Missile

  • Also Called: Magical Missile
  • Words of Power: GRAV POR
  • Reagents: SA, BP
  • Circle: 1st

A spell often practiced by novices, Magic Missile hurls flash of bright blue light at a target in battle, causing a small amount of damage.

Likely due to its lack of power, this enchantment fell out of use and was replaced by the slightly more powerful Magic Arrow spell.


There are generally very few if any spells that are learned early in the practice of wizardry which are both useful and eagerly sought after by those dabbling in the mystic arts. The beginning thaumaturge almost always yearns for spells that devastate or create startling effects. The weaving of weather or the mastery of short vertical teleportations do not impress onlookers. The one simple spell that does truly inspire awe at little expense to the spellcaster is the Magic Missile. It requires the use of two parts of Sulphurous Ash to one part of Black Pearl in the casting, and it will cause a tremendous bright flash of blue light to strike an enemy. While not visibly marked, the enemy will sustain a fair amount of internal damage, said by the cynical to be brought about by fright more than by power. The Magic Missile is a useful enchantment in battle, but it is more spectacular than effective and will not deter most enemies larger than the spellcaster who wields it.

- from The Book of Mystic Wisdom (Ultima IV)

A novice magic user had best count on a good solid weapon in battle. A good spell for novices to practice, not rely in battle, is Grav Por, which casts a missile of energy at a target on the battlefield. If the caster's mental powers exceed the foe's, small damage will be inflicted. Grav Por requires sulphurous ash for energy and black pearl to project it. This spell has little effect for novices, not because of weak ingredients, but because of inexperience.

- from Book of Lore (Ultima V)

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