The magic carpet

A magic carpet is a superior way to move around in Britannia. Apart from the high mountains and wild seas, no other terrain can block one's path while on this wondrous device, and the traveler is secure from the poisonous swamps.

The magic carpet was brought to Britannia by Monsieur Loubet, and sold to the mage, Bandaii, who later gave it to Lord British as a gift.

The carpet first appeared in Lord British's private chamber at Castle Britannia, where the Avatar found it in Ultima V. It was a great help in the quest (and is actually needed to acquire the Sceptre of Lord British).

The carpet re-appeared again in Ultima VII. Rudyom had gained possession of it in the meantime, but in his madness had forgotten how to use it, so he had lent it to an adventurer. Gaining permission from Rudyom, the Avatar found the carpet on the shore of Lost Lake.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Said to have been brought to Britannia from a faraway land of trackless deserts and strange, humped beasts, the magic carpet is an excellent conveyance for quick travel over swamps, calm waters and other places when ground travel is impeded or imperiled. Since it flies only a handspan from the ground, it cannot be used to pass over mountains, walls, or any sort of high obstruction. Rapid waters will soak it, subjecting its riders to freezing spray and possible drowning.
Though it has passed through many hands, the carpet is now owned by Lord British and kept in his private castle chamber.

- from Paths of Destiny (Ultima V)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Rough seas can be crossed in Ultima V with the carpet, but the party sustains damage while doing so. All other terrain except mountains and walls can be passed.
  • It is possible to possess more than one magic carpet in Ultima V. Returning to Lord British's rooftop sanctuary will provide a second carpet.
  • In Ultima V, the carpet is protected by a magically locked door. A skull key is needed to enter, or a cannon can be used to simply destroy the door, although the second method will turn all the guards in the castle hostile.
  • In Ultima V, if Blackthorn's guards capture the party while they ride the carpet, and they do not give him the Mantra of Honesty, a party member will be executed, and the remaining party will be put in prison without the carpet, which must be reacquired.
  • The carpet is a real luxury in Ultima VII. It even has seats.
  • Everything can be bypassed in Ultima VII with the carpet, with the exception of buildings two stories or higher. Mountains pose no problems, however.
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