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Magic Bow

A Magic Bow is every Archer's dream; it strengthens the force of any arrows fired from it, making it much stronger and superior to the normal Bow. These bows also greatly increase the chance of a successful hit. Magic Bows come in many forms, and have quite a long history behind them.

According to Vetron's Guide to Weapons and Armour, the Magic Bow has an effectiveness rating of 12.


Several different kinds of arrows exist by the time of Ultima VII:


In Ultima III, there were two kinds of Magic Bow: the +2 Bow and the +4 Bow, both very strong weapons. From Ultima IV to Ultima VII, there existed only the standard Magic Bow, no other variants were encountered. In Ultima VII Part Two, a special bow was introduced, the Infinity Bow. In Ultima IX, the Siege Bow and the War Bow of Blood appeared.


  • At the beginning of Ultima VII Part Two, Shamino's Magic Bow is exchanged for a bear skull. Thankfully, it can be quickly found after the storm is over.
  • On Serpent Isle, there also exist Serpent Arrows, which act the same as Burst Arrows.
  • In Ultima IX, it is also possible to use Fire Arrows and Mana Arrows.
  • Magic Bows are very deadly weapons in earlier Ultima games, and were thus later toned down.