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The Magebane

Magic Users love to show their superiority to normal warriors, and generally feel that magic always wins. But nothing a mage fears more than this weapon. The Magebane is not one of the strongest weapons. It's also not of very great reach. But what makes it so horrible for spellcasters is the fact that one hit drains away all of their mana, making them totally helpless against any kind of threat. It is the favourite weapon of fighters that have something against magic users.

Sadly, the Magebane is a weapon only found very rarely in the Britannia of Ultima VII. One can be found in the ruins of Stonegate at 16N 38E. Another is said to be found in the armoury of Serpent's Hold at 157S 53E. Rumors say a third one lies deep within the caves of Dungeon Despise in a hidden chest.