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Mack, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Britain

Mack is a farmer east of Britain, who had an encounter of the third kind.

After hearing from Brownie in Ultima VII about strange Mack, the Avatar visited the man on his farm. After talking a little about his job and Mack's offer of a job (it involved collecting eggs from his chickens for him), the Avatar finally broached the subject of Brownie's opinion. Mack became rather defensive and talked about a strange encounter and a curious vessel, telling the Avatar to search in his field for the proof.

In the field, the Avatar found a spaceship. Confirming the proof to Mack, the farmer finally told the story of what had happened. Mack was a passionate stargazer. One night, the strange craft had fallen out of the sky, impacting in his field. A cat-like alien had emerged from it, chasing him around until it had accidentally impaled itself on Mack's hoe. Mack added that he'd eaten the alien afterwards.

The Avatar was intrigued and asked about the hoe, so Mack told the story of how his his hoe, thanks to an incompetent mage, became the Hoe of Destruction. Mack would've liked to give it to the Avatar, but he'd lost the key to his shed in Lock Lake.

The Avatar nonetheless managed to open the door and get the Hoe.


The Kilrathi fighter in Mack's field.

  • The alien is of course a Kilrathi from Wing Commander (another Origin product), the starship being a Kilrathi Superfighter.
  • The shed door can either be blown open, or the key can be found inside a animal corpse at Lock Lake.