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In the Lycaeum

Situated on the northwestern part of Verity Isle, north of Moonglow, the Lycaeum stands as a building symbolizing the principle of Truth. While mighty looking, it never intimidates the traveler. While once a fortress, it is now a huge library and center of science, where dozens of wise men and women, mages and non-mages, work, to further knowledge and decipher the mysteries of the world surrounding them. It is also here, where scholars gather all their knowledge.

The Lycaeum holds the biggest collection of books in all of Britannia, with every book ever printed present in it with one volume. The Lycaeum is also known to house the Flame of Truth and the Book of Truth, two items of high symbolical value. As long as the Lycaeum stands, wisdom will shine in the world.


The Lycaeum was built before Ultima IV. Back then, it was still a castle, but had an observatory built in. The observatory vanished by Ultima V, but otherwise, the Lycaeum stayed the same all over, still being a castle. It was there, where one of the Shadowlords was destroyed by the Avatar by casting its shard into the Flame of Truth.

The Lycaeum was totally changed by Ultima VI. The fortress was converted into a huge library, with all fortifications removed. Also, a huge cellar under the Lycaeum was built, while buildings appeared around it, to house the facilities that had been removed from it.

By the time of Ultima VII, the Lycaeum hadn't changed much, however, the city had literally grown around it, making it essentially a part of Moonglow by then.

In Ultima IX, the old Lycaeum was destroyed when the Columns erupted and caused the Cataslym and a new "Lycaeum", a small building floating in the sky, makes an appearance. The game seems inconclusive as to why and when Lycaeum was rebuilt this way. The fan-made Dialogue Patch renames this building, because it clearly doesn't resemble the old Lycaeum and elsewhere in the game the old Lycaeum is clearly said to be destroyed.


In the northeastern part of Britannia lies Verity Isle, famed as the home of the Lycaeum. This pillar of higher learning constitutes the centre for the sharpening of the finest minds in Britannia. The Lycaeum's observatory provides Lord British with valuable information about the course of the heavens and provides a vantage point to watch the happenings within his realm.

- from The History of Britannia (Ultima IV)

In the northwestern corner of Verity Isle, ever searching the skies, the observatory tower that crowns Britannia's centre of learning, can be seen from many leagues across the ocean. Libraries and laboratories, writing desks and discussion rooms, and every known tool for the discerning of Truth are housed here.

- from Book of Lore (Ultima V)

The world's greatest storehouse of knowledge and wisdom is contained within the walls that form the Lycaeum. Poised upon the northwestern slopes of Verity Isle, the Lycaeum's libraries, laboratories and academies of learning are a haven for the seeker of Truth. Four times each year the Inner Circle of Mages congregates within the labyrinthine chambers to exchange esoteric secrets. Whilst in the area, do not fail to visit the observatory where astronomers create many fine lenses through which to view the heavens.

- from Compendium (Ultima VI)


Ultima IV[]

Map of the Lycaeum in Ultima IV

Ultima V[]

Ultima V: Lazarus[]

Ultima VI[]

Map of the Lycaeum in Ultima VI

Ultima VII[]

Also, Frank the Fox resides just outside the Lycaeum.


  • The name "Lycaeum" in an old, Latin spelling of the word "Lyceum". The Lyceum was originally a place of learning in Ancient Greece, most famous for its association with Aristotle, and is said to have been an important early milestone in the development of Western science and philosophy.

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