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Talking to Lucero

Lucero is a Paladin of Trinsic in Ultima IX.

The Avatar first met Lucero's wife Lindonia. She spoke about how Lucero had become really depressed after the Chalice of Honor had vanished and didn't believe that the Avatar wanted to help without charge. Speaking to Lucero himself, it became clear that the loss of the Chalice had devastated him and he was only whining. So the Avatar left Lucero for the time being.

However, the Avatar later had to re-construct the Chalice by making the people realise that they still have Honor. The Avatar tried to get Lucero to help Virgil with the phase spiders to prove that honor was not dead. After the spirit of Dupre had finally convinced him, Lucero went to battle and was victorious, but at the cost of his life. Telling the Avatar to tell his wife that he'd died in honor, he passed away.

Later, his wife was grieving at his grave.