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The embodiment of Love

Love is one of the Three Principles of the Eight Virtues of Britannia. The principle of Love is necessary for all humans to interact in a civilised manner with each other.

Love is the foundation for the virtues of Compassion, Justice, Sacrifice and Spirituality. By itself, it is the only principle that leads to the virtue of Compassion.

The symbols of Love are the Candle of Love, which was located in the Temple of the Virtues in Cove, and later in Empath Abbey the cloister of Love west of Yew, and the eternal Flame of Love. The village of Cove also is dedicated to Love.

The shrine of Love with the corresponding test is situated on the Isle of Fire. In the test, both of two Golems have to be healed from their injuries, proving love for all life. The shrine itself dissapeared before Ultima IV, when the Isle of Fire sank into the seas, so it wasn't used in the quest for the Avatar. However, the Avatar gained access to the shrine when the Isle of Fire reappeared during Ultima VII.

Love on Serpent Isle[]

The inhabitants of Fawn shunned the principle of Love, instead following the way of beauty. Raising beauty over everything and condemning everything not beautiful, they turned away from Love.

Lady Yelinda is the keeper of the Crystal Rose of Love, the symbol of the principle on Serpent Isle.

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