Lord British's Amulet (with other crown jewels


Lord British's Amulet deep within the Underworld

Lord British's Amulet (sometimes known as the Serpent Amulet) is one of Lord British's Crown Jewels. It has the shape of a silver serpent. The Amulet is a very powerful magical item. Its two known powers are the ability to call a blue moongate to Britannia and to shed light into even the darkest places.

Lord British found the Amulet on Earth while he was still a youth, and it transported him to Sosaria, where he always kept it with him. However, when the Shadowlords abducted him before Ultima V he left the Amulet in the Underworld beneath dungeon Destard. The Avatar found it there, at the graves of the fallen knights of Lord British. The Amulet was the only way the Avatar could cross the darkness surrounding the dungeon Doom. After the Avatar rescued Lord British, the Amulet was returned to its owner, and was worn by him ever since.


The knight Shaana, upon returning to Britannia as the last survivor of Lord British's Underworld expedition reported that His Majesty had lain his silver Amulet among the graves of his fallen warriors just before being attacked and kidnapped himself. Though traditional folklore ascribes no special power to the serpentine talisman, it is believed by a few that the Amulet has the ability to guide one's path through certain kinds of magical darkness, showing the way where mortal eyes cannot.

- from Paths of Destiny (Ultima V)

Trivia Edit

  • It is possible in Ultima V to follow Lord British's Journal to find the Amulet.
  • It is possible to steal the Amulet from Lord British in Ultima VI by using the spell Pickpocket. However, it doesn't have any special use in this game.

Ultima V: Lazarus Edit

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In Ultima V: Lazarus, the Amulet can be found after going into the Underworld by climbing down some falls in Spiritwood, following the footsteps of Lord British's ill-fated expedition. It can also be reached from dungeon Destard. Wearing the Amulet will surround the player with a very bright light.

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