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Richard Garriott, the creator of the Ultima series, has done numerous interviews over the years. This is a place to list them all, as an aid to those who wish to find information about him or his games.

Date Source Things discussed
1983, November Softline Ultima III and Ultima IV
1986, March Computer Gaming World No.26 Ultima IV
1987, June QuestBusters Ultima V
1987, July QuestBusters Other games
1992, April 23 Origin archive Ultima history and recent release of Ultima VII
1992, July 8th The GAMERS' Forum's ULTIMA VII Conference Ultima VII, VII: Part II and Ultima VIII
1993, December 03 Usenet Ultima VIII development and Underworld III
2001, December Gamespy.com Tabula Rasa, Ultima
2002, July 17 Games First
2002, July 17 Game Sutra
2007, March 15 The Guardian MMOs in general
2007, June 19 Escapist Magazine Ultima, Tabula Rasa
2007, November 04 Gamers Global Tabula Rasa, Ultima
2009, April 30 Cristy Gamer interview part one Ultima
2009, May 08 part 2 Ultima
Challenger.org Richard Garriott talks about experiments in space.
Official YouTube videos channel for organization Richard Garriott talks about experiments in space.
Ultima Collection In addition to the Ultima games, it includes video interviews with Richard Garriott discussing.
Official Book of Ultima Richard Garriott reveals detailed information about Ultima.
Warren Spector interviews people for his university class Can't click directly on the interview, have to go to that page first. Number 12 is a 2 hour 50 minute and 36 second interview with Richard Garriott.
June 24, 2014 Richard Garriott, Felicia Day, and Greg Kasavin Talk Ultima