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Lasher the Unicorn
Lasher the Unicorn, from Ultima VII
Species: Unicorn
Ultima VII
Location: Destard

Lasher is a unicorn living in Dungeon Destard.

In Ultima VII, the Avatar spoke with Lasher, who regaled the hero with stories regarding the history and the curse of unicorns. According to Lasher, unicorns were originally nature spirits associated with virility and sexual potency. At one point, they were ritually called upon by a wizard, who sought to use them to assist in his conquest of a woman he desired but could not bed due to impotence. When the stallion known as Sharp-Hoof rallied the unicorns to pursue a herd of mares, rather than fulfill the terms of the wizard's geas, the magician grew angry. Summoning the creatures for the second time, the wizard bound them to serve him for a thousand years and placed the under the Curse of Chastity, which drove the unicorns to murder all females of their kind, and left the creatures with their legendary sensitivity to all who had taken part in carnal pleasures.

When the Avatar mentioned the adventurers questing in the dungeon to find a unicorn, Lasher initially reacted with disgust, informing the hero that he tired of being the means of so many women's shame under the guise of testing their "purity." It was only when Lasher was informed that the young Cosmo was attempting to prove his own virginity that the beast's interest was piqued, having never heard of a man seeking to prove his chastity, and he indicated that he would look into the matter.


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- from Everything an Avatar Should Know About Sex (Ultima VII: The Black Gate)


  • Lasher is able to determine whether or not the Avatar is a virgin, and will react differently if the hero has partaken of the services of sex workers in the Baths of Buccaneer's Den. If a male Avatar lies, claiming to not be a virgin when he is, in fact, chaste, he will be treated to a round of ribbing by his companions. Lasher will also dispense with advice to virgins of either gender, offering suggestions as to where they might fulfill their lust or seek romantic company.
  • Lasher only reacts to sexual experiences that the Avatar has had in Ultima VII, overlooking any trysts the hero may have had with Andreas or Wanda in Ultima VI.