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Lap-Lem, from Ultima VII
Species: Gargoyle
Ultima VII
Location: Vesper

Lap-Lem is a wingless gargoyle miner in the Vesper Mines in Ultima VII.

Lap-Lem, when the Avatar engaged him in conversation, revealed that he was the last gargoyle working in the mines after Anmanivas had quit, and that he regretted that Anmanivas and his brother Foranamo were now giving themselves over to alcohol. Lap-Lem admitted that he had considered quitting as well, but that he needed the income to survive. He was, like many gargoyles, nervous about the strong racial tensions in Vesper, worrying about an escalation to violence between the two races.

After having talked to Blorn, who accused Lap-Lem of attacking him, the Avatar could inquire with Lap-Lem about the incident. When questioned, he revealed that Blorn had stolen a locket from him, and Lap-Lem's confrontation only had the return of his stolen property as its intention.

The Avatar could then return to Blorn and force him to release the locket, which could then be returned to a thankful Lap-Lem.


  • Lap-Lem translates to "Rock One" or "Stony One" in Gargish, although Blorn incorrectly claims that his name means "Man Slayer."