The Lands of the Dark Unknown

The Lands of the Dark Unknown were one of the original continents of old Sosaria, ruled by the Kings of the Black Dragon and Olympus. The Stranger visited them in Ultima I on the quest to receive one of the gems for the Time Machine. With the defeat of Mondain, Sosaria was thundered apart, and nothing was ever heard of the Lands of the Dark Unknown again.

Locations Edit

Lands Dark-Unknown

Detail: The Lands of the Dark Unknown

Castles Edit

  • The Black Dragon's Castle
  • The Castle of Olympus

Signposts Edit

  • The Sign Post
  • Southern Sign Post

Towns Edit

  • Nassau
  • Clear Lagoon
  • Stout
  • Gauntlet
  • Imagination
  • Ponder
  • Wealth
  • Poor

Dungeons Edit

  • The Metal Twister
  • The Troll's Hole
  • The Viper's Pit
  • The Viper's Pit II
  • The Guild of Death
  • The End...
  • The Tramp of Doom
  • The Long Death
  • The Slow Death


It has been speculated that Pagan may in fact be the remains of The Lands of the Dark Unknown. The island in Pagan sort of resembles the Lands of the Dark Unknown.

While there is no hard evidence to bear out this idea, it is known that the Zealans knew of other lands that disappeared at the time of the Guardian's invasion. It is assumed that they were swallowed up by Hydros, but it cannot be ruled out that the Guardian was able to enter Pagan at that time due to the massive cataclysms which separated the continents of old Sosaria, leaving Morgaelin stranded on a broken world, its people cut off from their former home.

Additionally, Bentic calls the Runic Alphabet the "Archaic Alphabet" in the The Chronicle of Pagan. This hints that the Zealans used it. We know that the Runic alphabet was used in ancient Sosaria, so it is possible that Pagan could have been once one of the lost continents.

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