A Signpost

A number of monuments exist within the ancient Sosaria of Ultima I.


These sites, all of which seemingly vanished with the fall of Mondain, possessed a number of strange qualities, and often had the power to increase the Stranger's skills and abilities. Each major continent of the world possessed two such places, usually situated on isles off of the mainland. Whatever powers a "sign post" possessed would disappear after the initial invocation, but would become refreshed once the explorer who visited them traveled to another "sign post" elsewhere.

During this era, various lords of the Sosarian states often charged the Stranger with quests to find these "sign posts," offering boons of strength and equipment in exchange for these discoveries.

Names, Effects and LocationsEdit

The names of the eight signposts, their effects, their locations and (if applicable) the king who assigns quests regarding them are listed in the chart below:

Signpost Effect Location King assigning quest
The Eastern Sign Post No effect Lands of Danger and Despair n/a
The Grave of the Lost Soul No effect (Raises Stamina in FM-Towns Port) Lands of Danger and Despair Lord British
The Pillar of Ozymandias Raises Wisdom Lands of the Feudal Lords Lord of the Castle of Olympus
The Pillars of the Argonauts Produces weapons Lands of the Feudal Lords n/a
The Pillars of Protection Raises Agility Lands of Lord British n/a
The Sign Post Raises Stamina Lands of the Dark Unknown n/a
The Southern Sign Post Raises Charisma Lands of the Dark Unknown Lord of Castle Barataria (possibly Ozymandias)
The Tower of Knowledge Raises Intelligence Lands of Lord British King of the White Dragon


  • Because such landmarks were represented graphically by the the image of a sign post, they are often collectively known as "sign posts".
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