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Kraken, from Ultima VII manual
Also known as: Giant Squid, Man-o-War
First appearance: Ultima I
Last appearance: Serpent Isle

Every sailor must beware of these huge beasts at sea. The kraken will attack ships which threaten it, but even those near the shore aren't safe from its tentacles, which lash out at anything that moves. Fighting these monstrosities is difficult indeed, and only the most powerful warriors emerge victorious from such a confrontation.

Kraken roam the open sea and many smaller waters.

In Ultima I and VI, it is called a giant squid, in Ultima III a man-o-war, in Ultima IV and V a squid, but they generally appear and act the same, with some notable differences:

The man-o-wars of Ultima III and squids of Ultima V are both capable of hurling poisonous ink at a distance, while those in Ultima IV gained the ability to shoot powerful lightning at range. In both Ultima VII and VII/2, only one tentacle of the kraken can be seen, and the beast can be fought from land (but it can no longer attack ships).



Sosarian mariners swap legends of the Kraken, or Giant Squid, in every pub in every port of the Realm. These monstrous, creatures have been known to rise from the ocean depths, seize a vessel in their long tentacles, and drag the hapless vessel and its crew to a watery grave in the space of but a half-dozen heartbeats

- from The First Age of Darkness (Ultima I)

When tentacles of the Giant Squid close around a man or a ship, the very power of lightning is released upon the prey. 'Tis best to try to destroy the evil Squid with cannon fire before it can engage thee at close quarters.

- from The History of Britannia (Ultima IV)


Squids are unintelligent, but the dexterity of their tentacles makes their considerable strength a real menace. They throw their poisonous ink from a distance, and it is always very damaging. These unpleasant sea creatures are hardy and difficult to overcome.

- from The Book of Lore (Ultima V)

The dreaded scourge of all mariners, this horror of the high seas is legendary for its ability to destroy a large sailing vessel with its dextrous tentacles and crushing beak. It being exceedingly strong and durable, one should avoid confrontations with this nemesis of the deep.

- from Compendium (Ultima VI)


This mysterious peril of the sea is not well understood. There have been numerous reports of sailors being snatched from the decks of ships by huge suckered tentacles and dragged down to the bottom of the ocean, never to be seen again. No one has yet reported an actual sighting of the full body of this creature.

- from The Book of Fellowship (Ultima VII)