Description[edit | edit source]

Located in the Knight Mountains north of Monitor, the Knight's Test is how the Monitorians test those who wish to become a Knight. One cannot be born a knight or purchase the title. It must be earned. The test is inside the mountains of the same name.

One can only enter the test with a mace and leather armour. No companions or magic are permitted. The contents of the test are kept mostly secret, but several hints are available. The Avatar learns some of these from Cantra, such as to move quickly at the beginning, and be prepared to climb.

The two most important items within the test are a claw and the Urn of Gurnordir. The claw (or any other sharp implement) can be used to draw the prospective knight's blood, which is mixed with the ashes in the urn. This causes a totem animal to appear, which represents which command the knight will belong to. The Knight must slay the animal then bring back the pelt and meat to Monitor, where the pelt will be made into a cloak and the meat cooked for a great banquet in celebration of the successful knighthood. Finally, the knight will get a tattoo signifying which command they belong to.

For a solution to the problem, see here: Solution.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • One must have permission from the Lord of Monitor to take the Test of Knighthood. The password to enter, when the Avatar wishes to join, is: "Courage is the Soul of Life."
  • The Avatar faced a rigged version of the test, thanks to Shmed. The fiery explosions are difficult to avoid, there are magical creatures set loose, even an invisible pikeman.
  • Every citizen of Monitor must take the Test of Knighthood once they turn 15. If they refuse or fail, they are banished. Outsiders may take the test with the permission of the Lord of Monitor. This is one of the signs that the Principle of Courage had been totally perverted by that time.

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