Kith, from The Chronicle of Pagan
Variants: Domestic
Only appearance: Ultima VIII

Kith are huge insect-like animals come in two variants:

Domestic Kith, which are cultivated for their meat and silk, are harmless having been de-venomed and de-fanged at birth.

The newborn kith are without skeletons or armor, and are known to work their small soft bodies into the cracks of dungeon walls, waiting for adventurers. [1]

Kith living in the wild are much more dangerous. With their enormous strength and hard chitinous armor, they can make short work of a grown human. Only a well-equipped adventurer should dare to battle a Kith.

Kith can be found everywhere on Pagan.


Although they are large, multicolored quadrupeds, kith bear a remarkable resemblance to the common insect. The major difference between the kith and what some consider to be their smaller cousins is size. At full maturity, a kith's head easily reaches the waist of a man. A few may grow even larger.

Being omnivorous by nature, kith tend to live on the various plant life found throughout the land, though they prefer denser flora. Domestic kith are de-venomed and de-fanged at birth, feral kith are far more dangerous, often rearing up on their abdomens to strike with poisoned fangs.

Kith excretions come in the form of silky strands, which are woven together to make fine clothing and linens. The finer weaves of kith silk make excellent canvases, for the paints adhere well to the fibrous material. In addition, the meat taken from the kith's abdomen and thorax is quite tasty, and many herdsmen raise kith solely for the sustenance they provide.

- from The Chronicle of Pagan (Ultima VIII)


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