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Killorn Keep

Killorn Keep is a flying fortress in an unnamed world that the Avatar visits in Ultima Underworld II: Labyrinth of Worlds.

Killorn Keep is a symbol of the Guardian's dominion on this world, which exists on a parallel plane from Britannia, and has already been conquered by the Guardian. He has instituted eight virtues of his own, and rules the world through manipulation and intimidation. He sows seeds of distrust and treachery among the people to ensure that none rise against him, and his informants and double-agents take care of the few who attempt it.

The Keep flies 1257 feet in the air, above the Northern Wastelands. It is ruled by Lord Thibris, a retired old soldier who remains fastidiously devoted to the Guardian. The Keep is purportedly held in the air by the magic of the Guardian, and serves to intimidate the nomadic, barbarian people of the Wastelands. It was formerly used as a staging ground for inter-dimensional invasions. The famous banner of Killorn Keep was lost in one of these battles, the campaign against the Barbarian King, Praecor Loth.

History aside, it would seem that the Keep serves as little more than as an icon of the Guardian's presence. It has little functional purpose, and due to its isolated location many regard being stationed to Killorn Keep as a form of punishment. For persons such as Altara, a formerly prominent Sorceress who was "reassigned" to Killorn Keep after being suspected of dissent, that assumption may not be entirely inaccurate.



  • "Atarka" is the non-canonical name for the world where Killorn Keep is. Atarka's name was created by Shadow of Light Dragon for her Ultima fanfiction "The Black Ankh".
  • Killorn Keep is is kept hovering in the air by some brain creatures living in a secret passage in the cellar. It is possible to kill them, crushing the keep and killing every NPC in the process.
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