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Julia, from Ultima VII Part Two
Species: Human
Ultima VII Part Two
Location: Moonshade

Julia is the commander of the Rangers of Moonshade on Serpent Isle.

Although her position garnered her a modicum of respect, Julia was technically a mundane, having no magic apart from her magic sword.

The Avatar met Julia in Ultima VII Part Two. She was able to explain the role of the Rangers in keeping the peace in Moonshade and to detail their manufacture of fine wines - she could even assist in identifying the ice wine that had been swapped with the Avatar's cloth map of Britannia.

Later, once she was assured that the hero had the Chill spell necessary to survive the heat, she would give the Avatar the key to the catacombs under Moonshade (through which the hero could reach the underground city of Furnace) for a bribe of forty guilders.

She was killed when Shamino the Anarch usurped the power in Moonshade. The Avatar found her body in the vineyard.


  • Julia is part of the Cut Material in Serpent Isle. In the original story she had a much bigger role, where she served as Shamino the Anarch's enforcer after he overtook the city, and would issue certificates which would allow the bearer to steal with impunity for an hour at a time. If caught by the rangers without one, players would be immediately flung into the Mountains of Freedom again.[1] Parts of this plot are still visible in the usecode for the game.