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The training field in Jhelom

Jhelom is the city dedicated to the virtue of Valor, and therefore the headquarters of the Fighters of Britannia.

Situated on two of the Valorian Isles in the southwest of Britannia, Jhelom can only be reached by ship.

Jhelom is, while civilized, still a wild city, where the art of war and fighting is perfected. Weakness is frowned upon. This reflects in the presence of the Library of Scars, the most famous Fighter Guild in Britannia. Each day at noon, the fighters of the city gather on the training field, to sharpen their skills.

The city's economy is mainly oriented at the needs of the city itself and the fighters who visit and train in it. Besides a harbour with a shipwright, there also is a combined tavern/inn called the Bunk and Stool, a provisioner and weapon shops with some of the best weapons available. Many trainers for the fighting arts reside in the city, too.

A Moongate on the western isle ensures fast transportation to the mainland.

History of the city[]

Jhelom was founded in the time before Ultima IV after the declaration of Britannia. After the establishment of the virtues, Jhelom became the city of Valor. In Ultima IV, Jhelom was the same size as all of the cities. Jhelom also hadn't changed much in Ultima V, being still surrounded by its city walls, giving it a island fortress character. Like all of the cities, Jhelom was haunted by the Shadowlords until their destruction.

After the time of the tyranny, the walls were razed, but the island location prevented much city growth, as seen in Ultima VI. Attempts to establish a wine industry in the city failed after that time.

By Ultima VII, 200 years later, the city had expanded, thanks to a new island, but the influence of the Fellowship was felt. Master De Snel had systematically held away the fighters from anything concerning the Fellowship, instead was slowly perverting their code to take away all their restraints. With his death, things slowly returned to normal.

When the eight Columns erupted from the ground and caused the Cataclysm 20 years before the events of Ultima IX, the city of Jhelom was destroyed by a volcanic eruption, and Valoria was founded in its stead.


The claws of the southern tip of Britannia embrace the Cape of Heroes. Slightly to the west lie the Valorian Isles. The walled town of Jhelom provides Lord British with the best fighters and also has the largest inn of the Realm, where the service is outstanding.

- from The History of Britannia (Ultima IV)

Far off the mainland, among the mountains on the central and largest of the Valorian Isles, the bustling towne of Jhelom provides food and lodging to visitors as well as to its fighters and students of Valor. A fine armoury and shipwright ensure safe access to the mainland.

- from Book of Lore (Ultima V)

Many of Britannia's most esteemed warriors have emerged from the town of Jhelom in the far southwestern region of the Kingdom on the main island of the Valorian Isles. Lodging, supplies, armaments and a prosperous shipbuilding industry are to be found in this bustling town by the sea.

- from Compendium (Ultima VI)

Located in the Valorian Isles in southwest Britannia, Jhelom is a meeting place for fighters, paladins, and rangers. It is the birthplace of many an esteemed Britannian warrior. This City of Valor is also known for its well-stocked armoury, the hospitality of its barmaids and for its local fighting club, the Library of Scars.

- from The Book of Fellowship (Ultima VII)

Jhelom is another tumultuous area, as civic leaders work hard to tame the town's violent spirit and harness it to make Britannia's dangerous landscape safer.

- from A Safe Passage Through Britannia (Ultima Underworld II)


Ultima IV[]

Map of Jhelom in Ultima IV

Ultima V[]

Jhelom level 1

Jhelom level 2

Ultima VI[]

Map of Jhelom in Ultima VI

Ultima VII[]

Map of Jhelom in Ultima VII

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