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Iolo's hut in Ultima VII

Map of Iolo's hut in Ultima V

Iolo's hut was built some time after Ultima IV, as a refuge for the Avatar's companion, Iolo, in the Deep Forest near Yew. Located near the hut is the barn in which Smith the Horse lives.

It was first seen at the beginning of Ultima V. Iolo had retreated to his little known hut after being declared an outlaw by the inquisition of Blackthorn. Iolo, the Avatar, and a wounded Shamino stayed there while Shamino recovered from the wound he received from coming between the Avatar and a Shadowlord. After that time, Iolo and Gwenno decided to live there permanently.

In Ultima VI the party could visit the hut, but it was empty since Iolo was with the party and Gwenno was in Minoc at the time (or with the party as well). In Ultima VII, the party discovered that Gwenno had gone on an adventure of her own upon finding a letter in the hut.

After that time, the hut vanished, and Iolo and Gwenno moved near Britain, as seen in Ultima IX.


The Deep Forest hut of Iolo the Bard scarcely needs description, since he and his wife Gwenno often open their home to lost travelers and wandering adventurers. Tales are told far and wide of their kindness and hospitality to those in need.

- from Paths of Destiny (Ultima V)


Ouside view of the hut, Ultima V

  • The hut is littered with garbage and dirty clothes in Ultima VII, in Gwenno's absence.
  • Originally, the hut had been a round hut with a single room. Iolo changed and enlarged it, turning it into a hut with three rooms.
  • The letter in the hut was originally a clue hinting a future story after Black Gate. After Ultima Underworld II was released, it delayed Ultima VII Part Two, plotwise. The intro of Ultima VII Part Two retcons the map portion of the letter as being found from Batlin's belongings, instead of being told to be given by Lord British.