Inwisloklem, from Ultima VII
Species: Gargoyle
Ultima VII
Location: Castle Britannia

Inwisloklem is a Gargoyle serving as one of the members of the Great Council during the time of Ultima VII.

The Avatar met him in Castle Britannia. During the initial greetings, Inwisloklem explained that his name meant "translator", and that had been a translator back on Terfin, before ascending into the council. Inwisloklem suggested asking Miranda about council business, since he wasn't well versed in it, mentioning a law they were working on.

When talking about his people, Inwisloklem spoke of how his people had settled into Britannia after the disappearance of the Realm of the Gargoyles, and that Terfin wasn't the most ideal of places. He felt that the mistrust and dislike on both sides was caused by ignorance, something that he and others hoped to fix with time. He felt the Fellowship was an organization to help repair this mistrust, and he hoped to some day to join their ranks.

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