Invisible Stalkers
Invisible Stalker
Also known as: Invisible Seeker
First appearance: Ultima I, as "Invisible Seeker"
Last appearance: Ultima VIII

These deceitful beings use their natural invisibility to sneak up on their foes and strike them down from behind; however, apart of the obvious problem of being somewhat difficult to spot, they are not very strong.

In Ultima I, (when they were known as "Invisible Seekers"), they were entirely invisible to the naked eye. In Pagan, however, their red glowing eyes could be seen, but their outlines would flash briefly when struck in combat.

During the First Age of Darkness, they were encountered only in dungeons. In Ultima VIII, they are found in the Plateau (and sometimes elsewhere nearby).


Among the most dangerous of the denizens of the catacombs below our land is the Invisible Seeker. None have ever seen one of these horrific slayers, for they are—as their name implies—unseeable. Their presence is usually first detected when open wounds suddenly begin appearing on the body of a victim. They are, however, susceptible to harm from most weapons.

- from The First Age of Darkness (Ultima I)

Notable encounterEdit

In a cave on the Plateau, invisible stalkers guard a big door. It is speculated that would have been the door to The Lost Vale.

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