• Words of Power: SANCT LOR
  • Reagents: BM, NS
  • Circle: 5th

Sometimes, discretion is the better part of Valor. What if there is a strong foe which the spellcaster has no hope of defeating of? What if people of doubtful nature are near? Times such as these are when the Invisibility spell comes into play. Casting it, the spellcaster becomes completely unseen by anyone, while at the same time night-vision is activated. This enchantment only affects one person; for a whole group, the Invisible All spell is needed.

Black potions and special Rings fulfill the same purpose as the spell.


Sanct Lor affects the path of light, bending it around the caster; so it may continue on. The result is an illusion that the caster is not there. Mix mandrake root and nightshade picked in absolute darkness with blood moss to bend the light. It is essential that, while intoning this spell, none see any indication of its casting. Speak without moving lips.

- from Book of Lore (Ultima V)