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A typical male Human adventurer
First appearance: Ultima I
Last appearance: Ultima IX

Of all the species in the land, many have come and gone, but only humans have proven themselves true masters of perseverance. Even in the Age of Darkness, when many other races were seen in professions of all types, humans still dominated the playing field. From the Avatar to the evil Mondain himself, the most heroic deeds and the foulest atrocities alike can be attributed to those of human lineage.

While the once-plentiful races of elves, bobbits, dwarves (later called mountain-folk), and fuzzies have all but disappeared from Britannia, humans remain as prevalent, and as ambitious, as ever.


Endowed with a natural intellect higher than any other race, the humans are the backbone of Sosarian society. Found in all walks of life, they are strong of body and of unexcelled spirit.

- from The First Age of Darkness (Ultima I)

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