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The House of Games

The House of Games in Buccaneer's Den is the only casino in all of Britannia in Ultima VII.

However, people are generally cheated. It is run by the Fellowship, who gets all the money the house makes. Lawful people should stay far away because of the doubtful persons in the vicinity of the casino, and the great danger of losing all their money. The House of Games is a wonderful example of how the island became better and worse at the same time.

However, there are rumors of a secret place adjacent to the house...

The Games[]

The House of Games has three games to offer, each with its own rules and win ratio:

  • Virtue Roulette: Bet the money on one of the eight colors, and spin the wheel. If the color comes up, you win.
  • Rat Race: Bet money on one of four rats, and hope that it wins the race.
  • Triples: Bet on one specific triple combination type that could come up on the three digits rolls. The more seldom the combination is, the more money you make.


  • Wearing a Fellowship Medallion will increase the chance to win significantly. With Rat Race, you basically can't lose if you bet an equal amount on all rats, since you now have 6:1 chances.
  • In the cheat section are ways listed, how to betray the casino.