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The House of Baths

The House of Baths in Buccaneer's Den is a brothel in Ultima VII. It is under the direct control of the Fellowship, which receives the money gathered through its services.

For a hefty fee of 300 Gold Pieces, Glenno the bath master allows entry to the House. Inside is everything for a nice evening: lots to read, comfortable beds, hot-spring baths and of course, the prostitutes—for males and females alike—who will fulfill every need of the "guests." What more could a traveler want? This is truly a paradise.

Rumors say that the administration stores its earned money somewhere in the building, and that other secrets lie within...


  • The money can only be looted when coming from the caves, as the lever to open the door from the baths is unreachable from inside the building.
  • Fooling around here is the best way to disgust Lasher the Unicorn.