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The Halls of the Mountain King, Lithos

Description and History[]

Hall of the Mountain King

The Hall of the Mountain King is the dwelling place of the titan Lithos in Pagan. This is also where the Necromancers go to speak with him personally. Filled with many traps and riddles, inhabited by golems and undead creatures, it is also a place to test aspiring novices of the order. This area is also home to the blue forcefield maze, which is difficult to traverse without the blue field passage gem.

The huge double-doors at the entrance can only be opened by a summoned earth golem, any other way will fail.


Located at the base of the mountain at Stone Cove, the Hall of the Mountain King is, indeed, where the Necromancers may go to speak with Lithos. In fact, only those with the powers of a Necromancer or Apprentice are able to enter, for the seemingly inoperable stone door stops all others.

- from The Chronicle of Pagan (Ultima VIII)


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