Gwillim, from Ultima VIII
Species: Human
Ultima VIII
Location: Herdsman's Valley

Gwillim is a herdsman on Pagan living in Herdsman's Valley.

The Avatar met him in Ultima VIII after already having heard about a supposed ghost in the Valley from Orlock. At first they spoke of various things, like his job, his son Cyrrus and his wife Corinth. When the Avatar mentioned the ghost, Gwillim reacted poorly, calling the whole thing a sham before leaving.

Only after the Avatar had talked with Corinth about it, did Gwillim reveal his reasons for being so aggressive. His brother had actually died when encountering the ghost. Seeing that he tried to dissuade the Avatar's from finding the ghost, Gwillim revealed the cave location, and hinted that the seemingly mad fisherwoman Kilandra, who was said to talk to fish, should know more about the ghost.

The Avatar then left the disturbed man to the peace of Torax herding.

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