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The Guild of Thieves (a.k.a. Thieves' Guild, or simply the Guild) was a once mighty organization, which eventually became totally irrelevant. It was essentially a network of secret shops which sold goods that were considered illegal or exotic. Besides that, it also was the organization of all professional thieves of Britannia.

The Guild was first encountered in Ultima III, where they sold the Stranger rare items like peer gems and lockpicks. They were hard to find, as most towns had driven them out.[1]

In Ultima IV, after the founding of Britannia, the guild had two shops, one in Buccaneer's Den and one in Vesper. One of the more strange things in their selection was the sextant, which wasn't openly sold; customers desiring one had to ask for item "D." After the destruction of Vesper, the Guild only remained on Buccaneer's Den in Ultima V and Ultima VI.

In Ultima VI, Homer didn't want to talk to the Avatar until the hero became a member of the Guild. The Avatar asked the guild master Budo about how to join, learning that membership in the Guild was determined by having a membership belt. Since there were a limited number, stealing one was the usual practice to enter the Guild, and Budo wanted Phoenix cast out of the Guild. When the Avatar showed him the stolen membership belt, he welcomed the Avatar to the Guild, offering the usual exotic items.

After these times, the Guild went defunct and the descendant of the guild master, Budo, told the Avatar in Ultima VII of the disintegration of the Guild.

By the time of Ultima IX however, the Guild had reappered in Buccaner's Den and had grown even more powerful, its leader Samhayne also ruling the city. The Avatar eventually become a member of the Guild as well when Raven marked him with the symbol of the Guild, after what he could get discounts on multiples shops.

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The following shops have been controlled by the Guild of Thieves:

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