Golem, from Memoirs of Sir Cabirus
Variants: Ice Golems
Earth Golems
Stone Golems
Iron Golems
First appearance: Ultima III
Last appearance: Ultima IX

Golems are magical constructs. Essentially, one kind of material, like stone or earth, is transformed into a mobile, humanoid form, capable of various tasks, and sometimes of thought. This also makes Golems powerful opponents who can endure many hits. Golems as seen in Ultima III were apparently some kind of flesh-constructs, nearly indistinguishable from other types of Giants.

In Pagan, an Earth Golem can be created with the Necromancy spell "Create Golem." These Golems are much tougher than those previously encountered. Some hostile Golems exist as well.



Whether these monsters are natural to this chasm, or whether they were created here by long-ago wizards experimenting with dark forces, our wisest men cannot say. What we do know is that the Golems attack us on sight, and that no single mortal warrior has yet been a match for their fearsome strength and resistance to damage. Each type of Golem appears to have been formed from a different element, and they also differ somewhat in mass. The Earth Golem, a brown-hued figure composed of solidified soil, is the smallest. Still, it is a formidable creature best tackled by well-armed opponents. Knight Galloway claims that he once escaped from such a Golem by entering a maze of passageways - he thinks these beasts track their foes by eyesight, and are probably hard of hearing. The Stone Golem is larger than the Earth Golem, and can be recognized by its gray color. As it can slay a man in as few as two blows, and since it would seem to take many sword strikes to slay it, our Knights only tackle this opponent in teams. Worst of all these unnatural creatures is the Metal Golem, noted for its mottled rust-and-steel appearance. Few weapons can dent this massive being, while a single blow from a Metal Golem can leave a warrior crippled for life. Knight Galloway concluded that Metal Golems were practically blind, but his recent death at their hands has put this theory into disrepute.

- from Memoirs of Sir Cabirus (Ultima Underworld)

However, I digress. By far the most intriguing creatures I have come across are the stone golems. I had heard nothing more than mere rumors prior to my arrival here, but seeing the mobile masses of rock have convinced me of their existence. Astelleron was quite a master, indeed, for his workmanship is beautiful. I know nothing of their sentience, for they have never spoken to me. To be honest, I am not even sure they are aware of my intrusion, for I have yet to venture near one of the Shrines. I hope soon to journey back to what I have assumed is Astelleron’s hovel and learn more about their creation, but that will come after my other research. Regardless of how the golems were constructed, I am confident more than an ordinary sword would be necessary to stop them.

- from A Guide to the Isle of Fire (Ultima VII)

Notable Examples Edit


A Ultima IX stone golem

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