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Goldthirst, from Ultima Underworld
Species: Mountain-Folk
Ultima Underworld
Location: Abyss-Level Two

Goldthirst is the leader of the Mountain-Folk in the failed Abyss colony.

Goldthirst was still a young man when the colony failed and he was locked in with his fellow Mountain-Folk. Making the best of it, they managed to make their level, the second, relatively safe. Indeed, he became their leader. When the Avatar met Goldthirst in Ultima Underworld, the Mountainman had to fight with a problem; A Gazer was terrorizing the mineshafts, and Goldthirst tasked the Avatar with solving this problem. After the deed was done, the Avatar admitted that it had been a dangerous fight. The mountain-folk's leader was so impressed with such humility that he gave the Avatar a very important gem cutter.

Of course, Goldthirst also proved true to his name. Being bribed with at least 5 gold pieces revealed the password "Deco Morono" to the Avatar and allowed access to the treasure chamber. Later, the Avatar even gave Goldthirst the huge gold nugget created by Anjor, receiving a magical weapon in return for this impressive gift.

Most likely, Garamon rescued him when he teleported everyone out of the doomed colony.


  • Goldthirst reacts very badly to being called a "dwarf".