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Giant Crabs
Giant Crab, from Ultima IX manual
Only appearance: Ultima IX

Giant Crabs usually live at the bottom of the ocean. But should they decide to wander to shallower waters, everyone should stay far away. Their natural armour makes them hard to slay, and they have little problem cutting their foes in two. But should the adventurer manage to flip the crab over, it is a easy kill.

They are found along the coasts of Britannia.


In townships on the coast of the Great Sea, mothers tell their children tales of giant crabs that pinch the legs off naughty boys and girls. The truth is not far distant. These creatures are perpetually hungry, and an ambitious few have been known to attack a wandering party. To attack them directly is folly, as their shell provides a very durable armor. The proper maneuver can flip the creature onto its hardened carapace to expose a soft underbelly.

- from Journal (Ultima IX)