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A Fuzzy kicks back a cold one, Ultima III manual.
Only appearance: Ultima III

Fuzzies seemed to appear quite suddenly in Sosaria about the same time as Exodus began to unleash his wrath upon the land. Smaller than dwarves and even bobbits, these furry bipeds were nimble and highly intelligent, compensating well for an inherent natural lack of strength. They excelled at pursuits both roguish and arcane.

Not much else is known about the fuzzy race, as once Exodus was defeated, they vanished almost as abruptly as they had appeared.


A pair of fuzzies flanked by an elf and a human.

  • Fuzzies were available as a playable race only in Ultima III: Exodus.
  • Fuzzies are at least superficially similar to the emps of Ultima VII. Perhaps they were intended to be the same race, just with a less silly name?

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